Exceptional Cremation Memorials

When you cremate your loved ones, it's very important to have somewhere secure to keep them. Some might choose a special monument, such as a memorial bench, to protect that urn. Pellow Monument Works has been crafting such monuments since 1911.

Whether you need a simple memorial bench, or want to create something unique that will be a special way to remember those that have passed, we have you covered. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements. We  work with you as a team to make sure the utmost respect and care is taken and we work until you are satisfied.

Cremation Monuments You Can Rely on Us For

  • Urns
  • Memorial benches
  • Upright markers
You will be pleased to know that our cremation monuments are popular not only because of the full-scale memorialization they provide, but also for the permanence and beauty of natural granite.
Call us today for a FREE estimate on our cremation memorial services.
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